Globus Geschaft Plastic Mosquito killer


  • Globus Geschaft
  • Material:Plastic
  • Type:Mosquito killer
  • Colour:Black
  • Package Contents:1 mosquito Killer Machine Black and user manual



1 : EFFECTIVE & POWERFUL – This mosquito killer trap features a 360 degree cold cathode tube which mosquitoes find irresistible, and get attracted to the trap; the fan then sucks the mosquitoes inside and prevents them from escaping. 2 : NO CHEMICALS, NO PESTICIDES & ODOR FREE – Get rid of all flying insects and bugs without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Maintenance free and easy to use mosquito killer; simply plug in the mosquito trap into USB and watch your area become free of all pesky and annoying mosquitoes. 3 : QUIET OPERATION & SAFE – The Edon mosquito killer is extremely safe and hygiene. No high-voltage electric and no zapping sounds; eliminates mosquitoes quietly and safely. Safe to use 24/7 and may be used at areas with kids and pets. The life of the cathode tube is over 20,000 hours. 4 : WEATHERPROOF & WATERPROOF – Perfect for indoors or outdoors. Can be used at home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, etc. For residential, commercial and industrial use. Perfect also for gardens, yards, pool area, etc. Effective for areas of up to 1000 sq. feet! 5 : EASY TO CLEAN – This mosquito killer is simple to clean; dead flies get trapped in a neat hidden tray located at the bottom of the device. To clean, simply remove the tray and wash with warm water; let it air-dry and it’s ready for its next fly catching session. Simple, effective and clean.


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